A Swedish Waltz

I am happy to share with you my ”Swedish Waltz” in d minor for piano solo :)


I am grateful that the pianist (and colleague and friend!) Jan Karlsson Korp accepted the invitation to play it and did it so well! It was not an easy task: this piece starts quite easily but then passion erupts and skills are needed. It starts simply, with a melancholic melody (A) and then it switches to a difficult section (B) in which the player will need power – especially on the left hand – and technical skills. The dynamic and mood contrast between A and B should be huge. The main theme then comes back, but very modified and contaminated (A1). One last theme is exposed (C) before the reprise (A) and the conclusion of the music piece. There are many modulations in this waltz but none of them leads to a stable tonaily change.

Score on sale here (at a very little price!): https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/a-swedish-waltz-digital-sheet-music/22213569